Friday, June 14, 2013


happy weekend friends! i was reading this post by breanna rose and it got me to thinking...
and not to get all introspective on you (bare with me it has been raining for a few days in a row this week...so...) for the past year or so (probably even longer now) i've been feeling impatient at wanting more. and in some ways it's been hard to stay positive, about specific things, to be an optimist all of the time is after all more than a full time job. though i am fairly consistently optimistic a greater part of the time, it's still hard. sometimes.

and don't get me wrong...i've accomplished alot as of late, my graduate degree, recovering from the loss of 2 parents in 2 years. but in between all of that, after all of that, i'm ready for more...in the way of positive things, events, relationships, feelings, rewards. should i feel guilty for wanting more? after all, the word connotes images/thoughts of greed, lust, want. but after you work so hard at things, at life in general, sometimes you feel that you want more, that it is your time. you know? just saying.

words for thought going into this weekend...maybe i just needed to say them to myself. i hope that wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, you enjoy it, more.

* new music under my likes & listens tab today too ;)

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