Tuesday, June 18, 2013

cemento lamps. inspired by the moon.

these cemento lamps, designed by ocilunam and for in-es arte & design are evocative of the moon, inspired by lunar matter...and they're meant to be.
i love the texture of them, the matte grey outer shell housing with sneak peaks of vibrant and unexpected color, especially if we are talking about the moon, right? so that's fun.

ocilunam, the designer of these cemento lamps studied aesthetics, painting and design throughout europe, receiving international recognition for his attention to natural detail, and to then moving that attention into interesting and amazing design. especially with regard to these lamps.

sorry for the lack of weekend and monday posts...i have had a crazy few days of work (and play) which took precedence, for a few days anyway. i hope that you all had an amazing weekend and father's day too! enjoy..