Thursday, March 14, 2013

souda. oh yeah.

that's what souda, a japanese word, translates to..."oh yeah!" what a cool name for a company coming up with cool ideas and an bringing together an even cooler bunch of designers.

this bubble chandelier is one of my favorites from souda. all, every inch of it, from plastic bottles...
here's a little snippet about it, if you are into pieces like this: "originally inspired by the cell-like shape of soap bubbles, the bubble chandelier is made from post-consumer PET bottles that have been cleaned, cut, and riveted together. the entirety of the plastic bottles used to create the bubble chandelier are sourced through our partnership with Sure We Can, a brooklyn based non-profit that runs the only homeless-friendly can redemption center in new york city. a portion of the proceed from each light sold will be donated directly to Sure We Can to help improve the conditions of their facility."

pretty cool huh? taking every day objects, especially objects of use, then of waste, and transforming them into something beautiful, something very other than what they were originally intended, is beyond fun.  enjoy...

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