Friday, March 15, 2013

have a wonderful weekend!

i hope you are feeling wonderful this friday and that your weekend is feeling even more wonderful as you anticipate it! i love this new dress your tech download from designlovefest's blog. if you like it too, you can download it here.
i've been a bit bogged down with a research paper for my graduate course. but here's what i'm looking forward to this weekend:

picking up my son today for his spring break from college, taking him saturday to see blue man group (the tickets were his christmas present and we've been waiting to go), eating a ton of pizza afterwards here, and then, (as i'm about to indulge in my break from courses next week as well) to breeaaatthhhhhe.............long. big. breaths. i need them.

how about you? what are your plans? exciting or laid back? i'd love to hear. in the meantime...happy friday! enjoy.

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