Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mini moderns wallpaper. made in the uk by nice people.

i recently stumbled upon mini moderns site and their wallpaper designs stopped me in my wallpaper~loving tracks.
launched in 2006, london based designers keith stephenson & mark hampshire began mini moderns. it's a company that offers up applied patterns across a wide range of products. stephenson and hampshire are inspired by traveling, by vintage toys and mid~century british textiles. my favorite design is this, the whitby wallpaper in washed denim.

i thinks these sailing ships and rising and relentless ocean lends itself to one wall, in any grown-up room really. it would be super fun in a children's room. i'd daydream the day away staring at this wall, if it was in one of my grown-up spaces. ;) enjoy!

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