Tuesday, March 19, 2013

floating away today...

today, as i sit in my local library and look out of one of their beautifully large windows, there is sleet, snow, rain and ice whizzing by me. i saw one of richard misrach's photos recently in architectural digest. and in my mind, as i stared, captivated, by the color with which misrach depicts water, feeling the warmth of the water with which misrach teases you...i began floating away...
the architectural digest room which featured the richard misrach photograph, presented it alone, larger than life on one wall of a living room. it's presence was dominant, special and sensual. water after all gets to all of us. it's primeval, it's positive and a draw to the very human~ness of us.

and as i watch the ice fly by my window today, i'm wishing i was in any one of misrach's images, larger than life, and floating away...enjoy.

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