Wednesday, February 13, 2013

just a cool coffee table.

the studio/shop/think tank ehoeho offers up alot of imaginative product but this "one two table" and the "one two three table" (2nd image) are two of my favorites. part utilitarian, part sculptural, it's the design that shines here. but it's also the wood...
and in talking about the wood, ehoeho reminds us that "while it is beautiful in its texture wood is one of the most difficult materials for a designer to master, because it is virtually the only building material that is vegetable rather than mineral. with this vegetable origin, comes a host of issues relating to directional properties, strength, stiffness, grain patterns, shrinkage, distortion, insect damage and fire."

i've been drawn to a few amazing designs lately that are utilizing wood, and some in their very raw element. the wood left to take center stage, uncompromised & alongside the design. wood never becomes insignificant in the world of design. it is primitive, classic and lasting. and that's a good thing. enjoy!

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