Thursday, November 8, 2012

break line.

we are saturated in the north east. driving/sideways rain, windy beyond crazy. i enjoy heading to the ocean during storms like this, taking in the power and presence of water, enjoying it, revering it. i thought today i'd post a video that captures the beauty of water, of enjoying it, in another way. todd cole filmed professional surfer stephanie gilmore and in doing so stated that he "wanted to create something emotional true and elemental." and he did...

Break Line: Stephanie Gilmorefrom Todd Cole on Nowness.com.

via nowness, a really fabulous resource for artistic videos, created by insanely talented people with topics such as architecture, sculpture, you name it, and here, photography. perfectly enjoyable on a stormy day like today. and the music, "the exact color of doubt" by los angeles band liars, don't even get me started on the goosebumps. ;)

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