Monday, October 8, 2012

polychromatic crossing.

here we go with post #2 today and just how color & pattern can change, and how they can change how you experience design or a particular element/piece within design. this crossing table, designed by patricia urquiola and offered up by glas italia is made from thick tempered glass and is dynamic. and here's why...
the crossing table "presents a magical pattern of weaving and overlapping lines & colors." through an intriguing laminating process, three dimensional polychromatic decorative line is incorporated into the glass, offering the impression of an ever changing, ever interesting experience as you move around the piece. the result is a beautiful graphic effect, oh, and a beautiful piece of design for your spaces ;)

how is your monday humming along? i'm on my way to bring my son back to college. i don't mind the 2 hour drive each way because in the car, alone, we talk, we laugh, and we listen to music we've both been dying to share with each other. so, like i said, i don't mind the drive...enjoy!

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