Monday, October 8, 2012

low-culture designs.

happy monday friends! i wanted to share with you today 2 posts that consider how color changes as we move around a particular design. the first post today features nightshop, a design team made up of ward van germet & adriaan van der ploeg, based in rotterdam who reference everyday life "and a strong focus on bringing aspects of low-culture into their designs."
these p.o.v vases, which stand for point of view offer just that...a different array of colors, a different view and dynamic as you walk around each piece. made from different types/colors of plastic (yes plastic!), nightshop states that these p.o.v. vases and the unique experience they offer are "quite magical to us." so there you have it, a little magic for you this monday morning! color/pattern changing post #2 coming this afternoon...enjoy!

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