Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pair it, place it. leolux.

what i really like alot about leolux is the pairing possibilities. by that i mean that as you peruse their pages, their side tables, low, high, in between and otherwise, pair so perfectly, no matter the combination with any of their seating options. style, color, texture and mood, all just pair up so darn naturally and so easily. i love that!

see? can't you picture yourself having a few of these awesome options and having the ability to switch out sidetables or coffee tables with any of these seating choices. a great furniture company does that, they offer a broad variety of possibilities. it's sort of like when you buy a great outfit or two, or a great outfit or two and some amazing accessories and you can constantly mix and match them and voila! you at any given moment have another interesting combination. so great...

how are you this mid~week wednesday? i slept like a log, so i'm getting to it. ah, after my coffee that is ;) enjoy!

1 comment:

Callie Grayson said...

I like the grey and yellow table, such a perfect colour combo.