Wednesday, July 25, 2012

imagining a gold hallway. mid~day fancy.

for a mid~day break, i'm sitting here, completely imagining what it would be like to have a hallway like this, swathed in gold, brass, light, shimmer. don't you think that a hallway like this in your home would just about make your day? oooh, i do.
and on that note, i'm heading outside, to read, to soak in some vitamin d. what about you? how is your day coming along? i'd love to hear! i'd also love to hear whether or not you'd attempt a hallway such as this? it would be seriously tempting for me, i have to tell ya! enjoy...

1 comment:

Callie Grayson said...

it's actually kinda amazing, all that glimmer and dazzle. It's such a small space but bit impact. I am kind of loving it!