Thursday, June 7, 2012

today, this spot stirrs me...

i'm having one of those weeks where blogging has taken a bit of a backseat, busy, busy, busy. alas, though this is a late post (even for me!), i wanted to share a spot that moved me today, it stirred me into a relaxed state of architectural/landscape awe.

the home,(see more of it here) is designed by abaton, a madrid-based architectural firm and is indeed also located in madrid spain. and so, tonight i will live vicariously in this home, in spain and have a smile on my face doing it...

ok, so this is how my imagination sees myself, in this house tonight. see the larger window, the one situated just over the large rock, yeah, that one. well, i've plunked into an oversized chair, but my feet are not dangling down toward the floor, they are flung over the arm of the chair. i have a glass of red wine in my hand. the moon is coming out as the sun sets, the moon is full. i am listening to miles davis on the stereo, clear and louder than normal, oh, and i'm smiling. not bad huh? now you try it....enjoy!

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