Friday, June 8, 2012

happy friday and what bed style are you?

happy friday friends! you've done it, you've made it to the end of what i hope was a productive and inspiring week. i wanted to ask you as we approach the weekend, and with visions of sleeping late dancing in our heads, what bed style do you have? or if you are about to make a change regarding bed style, what style of bed are you currently drawn to? this fab find from wooden beds offers up an interesting array of choices, and for every taste imaginable. have a look...

if you are currently looking for a new bed, are you leaning toward something oh~so~french or european in style such as these loire or bordeaux beds?

or do you lean towards the more traditional, sleigh style of bed? and are you a painted wood furniture kind of person or stained all the way?

this, the ananke wooden bed frame suits your traditional style for sure...

and if you are gearing up for a big change, from traditional to uber modern and sleek, the ice aria bed frame, in high gloss white satisfies any modern wish.

truth be told, i lean a tad more toward the european, but really more toward vintage. but that's what is so great about this selection from wooden beds, from painted to stained, from traditional to incorporating a whole new, modern look to your spaces, whether they be residential or commercial, mixing it up and trying new styles is what it's all about. right?

what do you have planned for your upcoming friday night and weekend ahead? it's looking like it will be a beautiful weekend in my part of the world. i am working on sunday, but in between now and then, i'm looking forward to a glass of red wine, a run each morning, and perhaps a chocolate croissant at my favorite french bakery is in order. now that's what i'm talking about....enjoy!

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Sing said...

I am modern and sleek but I do appreciate that traditional sleigh bed.