Thursday, April 5, 2012

rug patterns. mid~day idea.

last year, my mother passed away, and one of the most cherished items she left me were antique turkish rugs which my great, great grandfather brought back from turkey. this room, this space, with all of this beautiful fun patterns and inspiration has my head swimming with places and spaces to utilize them in.

and how about the rug hanging as a type of curtain, on that rod? i think that is just so unique and special. right now, the rugs i have are in my kitchen (my mother kept them in her kitchen too) and i have on in my bedroom. there is something timeless, whether it be about the pattern or the color palette, of vintage hand~made rugs. plus if they were passed down in your own family, that's a special bouns. i love that!

off to boston for my course meeting. i will be indulging in an extra coffee drink today, need it bigtime! i hope your day is right about where you want it to be too. enjoy!

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