Thursday, April 5, 2012

dare studio. & almost friday

happy almost friday friends! i wanted to share with you today, a fab new~to~me find, dare studio. dare studio's pieces are hand~made and can be to order, with flexibility tailored to each particular client. dare studio's clients include, cb2, minotti and herman miller to name a few...here then, are a few of my absolute favorite pieces offered up by dare studio.

can't you kind of tell, that dare studio's product is special? there is something about the clean, tight lines, the craftsmanship shows through in the finished design, the finished product. from materials used to the way it just sort of sits, or hangs when it comes to their lighting. and now, i have a company that is making me long for a wing~back chair, or how about that wing~back couch? so unique!

so, how are you? i'm sleepy from a late night drive from class, as usual. i've got lots of reading in store for me today too, as usual. i think, as i drive back to boston tonight, that a mocha is definitely in order. i hope your morning is staring off energized and creative ;) enjoy...

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