Sunday, April 29, 2012

random sunday seating.

this sunday i thought i'd share a few new fab finds in the world of seating. for thier shape, their design & style, and slight sex appeal if i do say so myself...
1 2 3
what do you think? can furniture be sexy? would you purchase a piece just for that reason? as for me? i absolutely think, as i do with art or fashion, that a designer can certainly create a piece, whether consciously or not, that is down right super sexy. each of these new finds reveal an either classic, edgy or daring quality. think of what they do to a space. how they would transorm that space, just by being there? so great!

happy sunday friends. what are you up to? i'd love to hear. i'm gobbling down half of a bagel with peanut butter and ethiopian coffee and hitting the paper i'm writing & hard. i hope you are so super relaxed and happy today. enjoy!

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