Monday, April 30, 2012

glimpt. and happy monday morning!

happy monday morning friends, another fresh start to a brand new week. remember, i'm actually someone who really likes mondays. strange, i know ;) i wanted to share these superhero stools and shades offered up by glimpt. cool name? yup, and a cool company....
glimpt is a design team, a group of artists creating some really fabulous product, the superhero line is just one of many. but glimpt does not sell directly. click on thier where to buy our product tab to find out where you can nab some of glimpt's great products. capellini is currently selling the superhero line, which...with that eye~catching pattern and color palette tempting you, this superhero line could save an otherwise boring space.

how was your weekend? mine was unfortunately full of last minute work for courses. but i did manage to get outside for a run, and managed a glass of red wine (or two) in the evening. so not all was lost ;) enjoy your monday friends!!

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Contempo Closet said...

cool stuff. thanks for sharing