Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pastoe. quietly attached.

i wanted to share with you this mid~week wednesday some really fabulous new product offered up by pastoe. i've featured a piece or two by pastoe in the past, but some of their new pieces are just as worthy of our attention. have a look...
one of pastoe's mantras or part of their company philosophy is that "a product needs to be more than its outward appearance. it needs personality; you should be able to love it, to get attached to it. the product needs to be able to age gracefully." just so perfectly stated, on alot, on all levels.

as i contemplate why i really like pastoe's product line so much i think it is especially because of how sort of etherial each piece is. as if the lines between where the wall starts or ends and where the product starts or ends, is blurred. that essentially they blend as one. complimenting each other, accentuating the large or small spaces. i just find pastoe's product super easy on the eyes. and that's what it's all about too. enjoy!

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