Tuesday, April 24, 2012

crazy beautiful white. mid~afternoon wow.

i stumbled upon a new fab resource, nowness (oh, and i love the name) through this post on bri's blog, designlovefest. and on nowness, this crazy beautiful space of white, just stopped me. dead in my design blog tracks....

now, let's be clear, an oversized pair of bright red lips for a sofa, would probably not be something i'd include in my own space. but i included it here because of just what it does to this all white space. it almost implodes the space, completely throwing what ever mood you were getting from all of that white, completely out the window. but you know what? i love that!

here is how nowness describes their site, their mission: "each day, this award-winning online platform showcases an exclusive premiere of the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary arts and global lifestyle, previewing the latest in fashion, art, film, music, architecture and design, travel, sport, and gastronomy."

just a very cool mid~day resource find for ya! enjoy...

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