Tuesday, March 13, 2012

this tuesday, a melbourne home

did i really miss seeing this home featured on the design files in december? holy cow, so much to just love about bonnie ashley and neil downie's brunswick cottage. so much!!

and there's more, they have a website featuring some pretty home accessories. so...if you like the way they display, arrange, if you really like the little finds they are bringing in to this sweet space, check it out here.

and for those of you like me with a serious pillow problem, (ah, like me for instance ;) bonnie and neil (oh, and that's the name of their website too, how cute!) has an array of really fabulous pillows, many silk screened with super pretty images. pure pillow love!

speaking of little home accessories, my son and i are off to ikea today, to see what we find. he has a dorm room and we have a little cottage too, so there must be something we can't live without. right? have a great day this tuesday, i hope your morning is starting off in a positive way! enjoy...

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