Tuesday, March 13, 2012

butterfly sketches, mid~day spring pretty

it's been so warm in new england lately, and really most of this winter. add in soft & wispy butterfly sketches and now i'm really ready for spring. this fab new find, decade diary features illustrations (and other cool features) by new york based, bernadette pascua, she has another more personal site here.

so talented, bernadette is. and i really love her site of more personal work, as you scroll down, everything moves sideways. so great!

i'd love one of these butterfly sketches, constructed on a larger canvas. really large. placed in one unique & perfect space, the butterfly would seem even more ethereal, floating, simply eye catching in that space.

enjoy this spring jolt of artwork, and the rest of your day friends! i'll tell you tomorrow what we find at ikea today. i'm in the market for spring curtains. something white and gauzy ;) enjoy!

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