Saturday, March 17, 2012

sunday style, spring ready

here's to sundays! and how is it that we are all getting so close to feeling like spring, in march? if you live in new england, that is a rare occasion, to be outside, not reaching for a jacket and leaving the heat off for the day.

if it was a little warmer today (it is supposed to be in boston but not near the coast, where i live) i would slip into any or either of these beauties. that very origami dress with the tribal prints is fabulous. and as for the skirt? pair it with anything for spring.

1 2
we are in the mood today to grab subs & chips, a few beers and head to a sunny spot on the beach to take in the little bit of spring that has greeted us today. so we just might do it.

i hope that your sunday is sunny and feeling like spring too! are you doing anything fabulous today? tell me, i'd love to hear ;) enjoy...

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