Monday, March 19, 2012

monochrome monday, plates that is.

this monday morning, another fresh start to a brand new week, i'm energized by this line of coupe bone china monochrome plates offered up by the conran shop. the mesmerizing quality of these plates, those lines, are perfectly suited to my foggy start this morning. and i mean in my head, not as in the weather...

i've got lots on my plate this week, between course research projects, reading and beaucoup catching up after a week of goofing of while my son was on his school break. but in between all of that, i'm still able to bop around, search out intriguing pieces and spaces such as these hypnotic plates. how fun would these plates be with a colorful dinner presentation on top? colorful veggies, or sauces draped over foods? so fun, that's what!

i hope your weekend was all that you hoped it would be and that this monday morning you are ready to get to it! enjoy...

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