Saturday, March 24, 2012

mut design, independent character

mut, whose principles are based on emotional design...also evokes a constant inventive quality, an originality of concept, of shape and line, and of course design. i'm drawn to mut's use of texture, of unusual materials, of open and closed spaces within each piece. i love that you are torn between deciding whether a mut piece should be utilized in an every day sort of way, or appreciated, in a purely sculptural sort of way.

mut has a very fun site too. and one of my favorite features is their "who we are" tab. they describe themselves as easily getting goosebumps, usually getting dirty and loving blank sheets of paper. i find mut and their entire concept and product line refreshing and captivating. design should be that way. it should take you back a little bit and think, hmmm, now that's different. i love that.

as i sit and devour blueberry waffles and coffee, i'm also getting ready to dive into some research for a paper due soon. i hope you have fun plans today. or maybe the best kind, none at all. enjoy!!

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Callie Grayson said...

That rocker needs to find a way into my house!