Friday, March 23, 2012

crazy punch color, mid~day bright

this mid~day friday, as we are all wishing for the day to end, leading us head on, straight into a friday night and weekend, these punches of wow color are the perfect pick~me~up for a friday afternoon.

the top necklace, by t. cyia comes in neon yellow, green and pink and you can find it at shopbop here. the easy rubber hot pink bracelet is by marc jacobs, also found at shopbop here & comes in neon pink, amethyst and black. but go bright this spring! and these are seriously bright. even perfect with a pair of cut~off jean shorts and a v~neck t~shirt. instant hot style. i love that!

off to run a few errands (i'm out of coffee and that my friends could be a crisis this weekend if not intervened with ;) enjoy the rest of your friday afternoon. think weekend! you're almost there....enjoy!

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