Thursday, March 22, 2012

mid~afternoon mood

i'm somewhere in between all of these moods today, messy, no~fuss, organized, worried about time, wanting to hide behind sunglasses, even indoors. it's just that kind of mid~afternoon mood for me today.

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i am taking a different route to class later as the bridge i cross to get from cape cod to the rest of america is under construction and yesterday i spent one hour and 1/2 to go in what should have been about 10 minutes time distance. and i'm not kidding. so, mocha in hand, i'm off to boston, sans bridge construction, sans really long lines of traffic today. i hope. oh, and with messy hair.

have a great rest of your almost friday friends! i'm hoping for more energy tomorrow. that's what's great about tomorrows, right? enjoy!

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Callie Grayson said...

Must have been the week, I felt the same. I am tired but wanting to get everything in order, you know the kind of spring cleaning organizational frenzy
I wish my hair would look like that! Messy but sexy all at the same time