Thursday, March 22, 2012

almost friday & narciso vases

i wanted to share with you this almost friday, these wondrous narciso vases, these glowing vessels, all utilizing mirrors, drawing even more, closer attention to the flowers you place inside. simply captivating...

can you imagine these narciso vases placed on nightstands, or bathroom sink areas of swanky, sexy hotel rooms? or perhaps many, spread out along a gorgeous nightclub bar space? what about sprinkled generously, all different shapes and sizes of them in a fabulous hotel lobby cocktail area? the mind races with possibilities in which these would shine on their own, where they would certainly be subjects of conversation. and what about in your home, in your own spaces? i swear i'd stare at these all day!

ok, my body is dragging a little today. (ok, alot). i'm off to read in the sun, which is predicted to come out soon. i just may nod off and enjoy it. i'm recovering from a mid~term and late night home (everywhere i drove yesterday there were accidents and roadwork. ah, yeah). i hope your day is starting out as pretty as these vases, enjoy...

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