Thursday, February 23, 2012

these tones this mid~day

i'm very drawn this mid~day to these amazing tones, of blues, of purples, whispy and solid, swirling and fading. hard & soft. i really enjoy how color can play such an important role in any design, from wall paper, to clothing, to lighting you name it. and then added to different mediums such as these wood block stools/tables below, that's when it gets really interesting.

1 & 2
how are you this mid~day, almost friday friends? i'm back from a run after reading and catching up on course work today. i picked some forsythia (i know, it's early) to see if it pops for me on my kitchen table within the next few days. that will make me smile. i'm on my way back up to boston for a course meeting. a mocha is in order and perhaps a popping in of anthropologie is too ;) enjoy the rest of your day!

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