Thursday, February 23, 2012

french by design. a blog shout~out.

happy almost friday friends! one of the aspects of blogging (especially about design) that i love, is finding other amazing & talented & inspiring blogs and bloggers. i want to give a blog shout~out today for french by design. like many of us, in search of great design, designers, artists and plain old people who are doing things differently, french by design sources very well.

here are a few of my favorite recent finds by this fab new blog find...

definitely inspired by french interiors (but also scandinavian), product & designers, french by design is chock full of eye candy inspiration. i just plain really like it. so there! ;)

i hope your thursday is gearing up to be so super productive and positive. i may ward off these grey skies in my part of the world with a run, for energy, for a boost to get my day going. sometimes (ok, alot) i have to push myself out the door, but within about 30 seconds, i'm glad i made the effort. have a great start to your day! enjoy...

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Jules said...

beautiful post robin :) i've really had to motivate myself to stay focused and energized lately, as i just entered into my 3rd trimester and the fatigue is coming back! i do go walking which helps, but like you, i have to talk myself in getting out the door! hope all is well. xoxo - julie