Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday & shane mcadams.

yeah for sundays! i wanted to share a very cool find today, ball point pen paintings by shane mcadams. mcadams literally empties the cartridges of ball point pens and blow the inky solution in directions he wants it to flow. he then takes his work to a tanning salon, as the light affects the ink, blurs it, transforms & exposes the colors in unexpected ways.

having grown up in the desert southwest, mcadams reflects on his work: "they take root in the physical properties inherent within specific, mundane materials such as elmer’s glue, correction fluid, ballpoint pen ink and resin, whose limits are stretched by subjecting them to non-traditional applications, generating structures whose complexity belies the elegance of their creation."

i am drawn to the originality of not only his medium, simple ball point pen ink, but of his vision and his process. all making for emotional, intriguing design.

how is your weekend unfolding friends? yesterday, my son slept in (home from college). later, as he was off to visit others while home, we escaped to the beach, with sub sandwiches, chips and a bottle of pinot noir, for a later lunch early dinner. watching the sun set while sipping red wine and crunching on sandwiches. perfect. i hope you are enjoying your sunday!

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