Monday, February 27, 2012

monday & sancal tables. their sweet spot

happy monday friends! i wanted to share a fab find with you today, though i have featured sancal in the past, for me, their one sweet spot, is their array of interesting and just really fabulous tables.

residentially, sancal admits to wishing to contribute to "intelligent homes," and for commercial spaces, sancal strives to create "pleasant spaces" in public spaces. on that note, here are few of my absolute favorites offered up by sancal...

i'm not exactly sure why i'm so drawn to sancal's line of tables, they do offer plenty of other fabulous product to be sure, but perhaps it's just that, the line in their design. for residential use, sancal designs are swift, clear, direct and easy to imagine your own. to finish them yourselves, to place this and that on or around them. it's easy to do. and that's good! commercially they are also very interesting because placed in public spaces, it would be intriguing to notice random and spontaneous interaction with their pieces. i love that!

how was your weekend friends? mine was really great. my son was home from college, i got outdoors, alot. i worked on course work, a little. drank more coffee than i needed, just because it was so good. and bought new white sheets that made me soooo happy. hey, it's the little things sometimes ;) enjoy your monday start!

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