Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sonya winner. a vibrant start.

this tuesday morning (though it feels like a monday if you had yesterday off!), i wanted to start the day with a vibrant blast, courtesy of sonya winner and her amazing line of "color is key" rugs. have a look at a few of my favorites...

sonya states that color "transforms an environment, changes mood, creates excitement, ambiance, interest and simply makes you happy." i adore how sonya's passion comes intensely through in her design, she writes of being overwhelmed at how color paired her designs, with her arrangement of that color, literally transformed a room, that how color, the interaction between and among color can truly conduct positivity. to sonya, color is a universal language. i agree. what a bright start to a new workweek!

what's in store for you this week? i'm beginning research for a (very) large paper for one of my courses on africa. but very excited to do so! i'm also purchasing airline tickets for an april visit with my dad in myrtle beach in april (can't wait!) i hope your week is starting off on a positive (and now nice & bright!) week...enjoy!


Sing said...

Wow these are fantastic.

Tamara Styles said...

I love the vibrant colors...wow. I want one of those.