Monday, February 20, 2012

floating photographs. mid~day inspiration.

i'm completely inspired this mid~day monday by the photography of matthias schade. matthias simply, yet eloquently highlights individuals, individual objects, in their element and out of their element, such as these flowers, plucked straight from the earth, floating, in all of their perfect and imperfect beauty.

(found via)

another grouping of matthias's work is city stills, which you can see here. bringing into highlight everyday objects such as telephone booths and electrical units. compelling them into sculptural objects. giving them a new sort of life. really fabulous!

how is your mid~day (and hopefully your day off) treating you? we are back from a breakfast of french coffee and croissants at one of my favorite haunts. a long walk on a golf course near to me (which is situated along the ocean, just gorgeous) and now, as i dive into course work, my love will be making up a batch of home~made red sauce for tonight. a great day off ;) i hope you are enjoying too!

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