Sunday, January 15, 2012

super shiny sunday.

i hope you're all having a sun~shiny, or shiny in other ways, sunday. it's glorious in my part of the world, though sooooo cold. i'm just back from a run and it took a while to thaw my legs out! but very invigorating.

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we are off to my step daughter's basketball game, she's 11 and just learning but i love going to cheer her on. i'm going to grab a mocha, hit the bleachers and take some photographs of her playing. i hope your sunday is super relaxing. i'm loving all things shiny today, it is evocative of my mood. ;) how fabulous are those swaths and strokes of gold on that wonderful chair? so fabulous that's what! enjoy...


Tala Farah said...

i am in LOVE with the gold and green chair you posted... do you know where i can buy something similar?

avant garde design said...

hi tala. i'm not sure where you could buy a chair like that gold chair. i suppose you could almost buy a vintage vinyl piece and add the gold on it yourself. would be a great diy project. hope that helps!