Tuesday, January 24, 2012

mid~day draw. oh! these colors

hey, the sun is coming out in my part of the world! yeah for that. and it has inspired me to feature these perky, softly bright colors as a mid~day boost. for energy. and just because they are oh~so~pretty!!

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what are you up to? how is your day going friends? i'm back from a run and feeling more awake and inspired (add in the sun coming out and i'm smiling now!). i'm hoping to get a few things wrapped up today before i'm inundated with course work again, staring this week actually. so! i'm off to get busy...enjoy!

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England Furniture said...

Thank you for posing pictures demonstrating the style of a room after you mix colors. Some people who don't normally use a lot of color in their rooms could be inspired to start.