Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lamps by pott

we are in for a unique textural design boost today, with pott's pottery lamps. pott is a very young company in spain started by miguel angel & garcia belmonte. together they have created 2 lines of lamps, one for indoor and one for out...."sponge" and "sponge up!"

i think what i really love most is the fact that these 2 series of lamps are really so very unique in how they're lit during the day versus lit during the evening. most lamps are, but the textural quality of pott's lamps seriously come alive, in a very natural, organic way, illuminating thousands of tiny circles, which "achieves a very particular look along its uneven surface." i love that!

i also love the world of design and designers. simply because each and every day, new product, new artists emerge, providing the world with not only amazing designer eye~candy, but with unique options & materials, allowing us to transform or manipulate our spaces, residential or commercial.

happy mid~week wednesday everyone! i'm off to class later this afternoon. i'm taking 2 graduate courses at the moment and my first one begins today. i'm excited for more challenging readings and assignments and also to get back to listening to some of my favorite programs on npr on the drive up and back. love! enjoy...

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Sing said...

The texture of these are great.