Sunday, January 22, 2012

lovely lines. hello sunday.

as breakfast is prepared for me, coffee is brewing and the sounds of jazz fill the air (i'm a jazz junkie!), the lines of both this lamp and this artwork leave me relaxed and inspired this sunday morning.

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happy sunday morning friends. i sit completely surrounded by pure white fluffy snow (we received about one foot yesterday/last night) in my part of the world. after sitting on the couch for hours, goofing off and watching television, something i almost never do , we suited up and took a walk late yesterday in the snow. the plows were out, it was quiet, we walked for asparagus and red wine to our local market. back home we inhaled home~made mac & cheese, the asparagus, the red wine and cheese bread for dinner.

even though i'm completely craving (beyond words) warmer places at the moment. for a few moments last night i savored the snow, and how it forces you inside. or outside. how it makes you stop, look around you. to look at each other. i think even our dinner tasted better for it. i hope your sunday is starting out special, inspiring and relaxed. enjoy!

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Tehmina - Interior Design DIY said...

what a nice way to welcome Sunday morning.happy Sunday.