Monday, January 23, 2012

iannone. philadelphia design

happy monday morning friends! there's some serious creativity going on in philadelphia. michael iannone is creating and offering his wooden creations in very green style & in very graphic/artistic style. have a look...

this is michael's website, here. michael's work/pieces also sell at anthropologie. find some here.

building and creating his tables & sideboards from sustainable woods such as bamboo and sorghum borard, and finished with waterbased topcoats, iannone's pieces capture the feel of the outdoors, but indoors. taking in natural elements such as dandelions, trees and birds, iannone also incorporates natural color palettes in all of his pieces. it feels as if the piece is perfectly suited outdoors or in. as if it's in its element anywhere it's placed. i love that!

hey friends, how was your weekend? mine was relaxing! all of that snow made for a weekend of breathing deep, staying in and taking in my surroundings. though i did manage to get out to lunch with the girls. breathtaking winter views of a harbor area where we ate. (jazz playing in the background) bonus! i hope you had a terrific weekend and are on your way to an amazing week...enjoy!

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Julie-White Tapestry said...

I love the trees on the one table...so cool.