Sunday, November 6, 2011

sunday wind & ocean.

yesterday was one of those amazing autumn days on cape cod. we left the house, chores, homework, television etc. behind, jumped in the truck, camera in hand, sandwiches and red wine for later and just drove. within 30 minutes, this is where we landed...

(photos: me)
nauset beach on cape cod is just magical, and this time of year, it's even better than that. you virtually have the space to yourself, the sand, the whole ocean, the air, it's all yours. you just have to go there. and go there we did. sipping wine, eating sandwiches until the sun went down. i could live every day like that. every day. i hope your sunday is relaxing, magical and special too. enjoy ;)

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Callie Grayson said...

wow, it is magical! the waves are amazing!
glad to hear you had such a wonderful day.