Monday, November 7, 2011

from the weekend.

this weekend, i goofed off a bit (as you can see from the post below this one) and part of that was actually flipping the pages of some of my favorite magazines, european, australian and a few others. in the end, i was loving alot of product that was natural in nature, either by style, medium or color palette. here are few favorites from my page turning weekend...

if you haven't already, head over to great dane furniture company. it's overflowing with amazing modern & classic scandinavian design, from rugs and textiles to furniture and lighting. easy on the eyes, just lovely additions to any space.

i fell in love with much of the product offered up by eric slayton this weekend. block furniture, rough but elegant. modern but rustic and natural. this coffee table with its penetrated black steel base had me at beautifully simple. just spectacular. eric's pieces would ground a space, add a bit of natural weight to any space.

gwyneth paltrow was asked once about what she has splurged on as far as decorating and she mentioned degournay's hand painted wallpaper. i for one am in love with their "shimmering fish" paper. i love the motion of it and the soft glowing nature of it. for residential or commercial, i'd have to splurge on a wall, large or small with this paper.

i was drawn to this "hoop grandelier," offered up by who did that in australia. i loved how my eye kept roaming around and through the many patterns this pendant light evokes. i imagine near a wall it would portray those patterns all over. so great!

a new, sculptural take on your average coat rack, this one offered by konstantin-grcic. even on its own, it'soh~so~beautiful!
how fun are these "monsieur dress up" collar coat hooks? whether in an entryway, hallway, bedroom or bathroom, these jazz up any space where hanging something is necessary. offered by loyal loot.

aren't these all so unique yet inventive and easy to place in any space? i think so!

how was your weekend friends? mine was actually one of the most relaxing in some time. for once, i wasn't my usual spinning around the house, ripping my hair out trying to get everything, including classwork all done in one day. (yeah, that's me sometimes). for better or worse. ;) i hope your monday is starting off with a positive and creative bang! enjoy...

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