Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a summer home in sweden.

every now and then i'll peruse the pages of architectural sites, ogling the amazing designs, landscapes, angles, lines and materials used, all of it. every now and then, those more stark environments, sometimes evocative of scandinavian design stop me, and you know what? they don't appear sterile for some reason. this summer house in sweden is typical of what i'm talking about. the light, warm woods with burst of bright color, bringing amazing natural color, indoors. have a look...

i was really drawn in by all of that blue, and the way the light allowed to stream into the house bounces off of it. brilliantly. you could never be sad in this happy summer house.

designed by lasc studio,the designers aimed "to remain true to the materials typically used in the region, they chose concrete, pine and white plaster with the addition of vibrant colors to liven the inside." lasc converted an old farmhouse in skane sweden, with its two sided woodstove, all of this color, all of this light. i'm just enjoying, well, enjoying it. as my summer winds down here in new england, i'd love to able to hop into this space once the snow arrives, the blue alone would make me smile. enjoy!

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