Wednesday, October 12, 2011

here spaces.

i have alot of work slated for today, typing a paper, more research, typing some more, ok, you get the hint. i also work alot at my kitchen table. it seems to be the best space for natural light in my little cottage, and the table is large enough for me to spread my work out and be comfortable, organized and inspired. i'm not sure if i even had a more formal workspace, like a desk area, if i would use it. i might just migrate back to my kitchen table. today, here are some table spaces (and other spaces) i could easily sit at and get super busy...

i could certainly curl up here, plunk down my laptop and type away.

working out in the crisp fall air would give me energy, sure thing!

where do you best get alot of work done when you have to? where there are little distractions and tons of inspiration? do you leave your house and go out for it? to a library or bookstore? i've tried that but find myself people watching and that my eyes are drawn to other things or my ears are drawn to conversations, distracting me from my tasks at hand. so here i'll sit today, plugging away, wrapped in my favorite blanket, at my kitchen table. getting busy with it all! enjoy. ;)

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