Monday, September 26, 2011

random monday stuff.

i have a slight weekend hangover. meaning, i didn't want my weekend to end. i worked alot but goofed off alot too, which we all need now and then. during my perusing the internet goofing off stage this weekend, i stumbled upon random things, color palettes, spaces, hair and fashion i loved. i thought i'd share them...

this monday morning view. via.

sunglasses and messy hair. via.

this accordian lamp. via.

this monday space, for the chandelier and the scratchy oversized mirror. via.

these jill sander boots for spring 2012. via.

the blue of this ring. via.

this table, just because. via.

i am loving this color palette. such a pretty palette for makeup for fall. via.

oh, and i love the idea of hanging art in the bathroom. yes sir i do. via, (i forget.)

i told you it was random. but fun. how was your weekend? are you rearing to get back to it? i am in a way, but part of me wants to go back to the birthday party for a friend, back to the dinner with my sister, back to sleeping in late and eating a huge breakfast. you know, weekend luxuries. ;) enjoy your monday start, it's a fresh new week my friends! enjoy...

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