Tuesday, September 27, 2011

having fun with postmodernism.

perusing some recent design shows and websites i've noticed a resurgence in postmodernism, sculptural pieces to say the least. part functional, part impact piece, part you just want it and you don't know why. here are a few of my favorite postmodernism pieces to highlight...

i think the most fun in this post is this chair, the ekstrem, offered by varier furniture. seriously (but in a non~serious kind of way), this piece would perfectly break up any traditional space, residential or commercial. it would offer a pow impact, fun, character, color, you name it, the ekstrem chair would offer it. find one here.

these "s chairs" offered up by cappellini are interesting and versatile. for your desk? your dining table? as a stand alone chair in any space? how about in a wonderful hotel lobby or bar area? now you're talking. find them here.

this very cubist chunky black matte chair might be paired perfectly flanking a more rustic dining table, to contrast in a complimentary way. to combine mediums, styles and eras really. would be very fun together! this "x1" chair offered by draenert, here.

how about this brightly painted macaone table offered by zanotta? ah, this would draw people into your spaces. oh and i love everything else zanotta offers, including their fab website, check out zanotta here.

a joint venture by nanna ditzel and fredericia furniture, this bench for two, with its elegant back and geometric patterning would make an intriguing conversation piece, residentially or commercially. find it here.

i know some of these pieces can be "out there" in some very traditional spaces. but you know what? that's what they're about, breaking the monotony, spreading out your style. i truly believe and i've said this from the start while blogging about design, every space has or needs that wow piece, something to either balance it or throw it right off its block. any of these postmodernistic pieces can offer that.

just saying...enjoy!

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Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

You are right, in a certain context they will throw off the balance and make a statement. they push the boundaries. Good example is the dining table in that traditional home with wooden floors.