Monday, August 29, 2011

a sunny monday.

well, we made it through the hurricane with a days loss of power, lots of reading, enjoying sandwiches, and wind and taking a long walk, smack dab in the middle of it. (we had too, it was awesome!)


we were lucky enough to enjoy hot coffee and breakfast before the power went out for the day and night so that was bonus! today mixed in with work, a bit of cleaning, raking, picking up sticks, putting our flower pots back outside, but all of this...in the midst of a beautiful sunny day! not a cloud in the sky. amazing.

so, i'll picture spaces like this one, clean, uncluttered, sunny...(oh, and i had a pendant chandelier JUST like this one in the entry when i was growing up, wish i could find it again!) and hope that the UPS man is on the job today, i'm waiting for books for class! crossing my fingers. enjoy your day everyone, this brand new monday, this clean slate for all of us ;)

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