Sunday, August 28, 2011

have a flamboyant sunday!

so we are at the beginning of our hurricane. last night, we took a drive to a few of our favorite beaches, eerily calm. that calm before the storm thing, bigtime! today, the wind has kicked up, the air is fuller, not as heavy and it looks like we're in for a blow! i'm kind of excited...especially since after a good storm, i love heading back to the ocean edges to see what the sea has kicked up, goodies like driftwood, seaglass and other little treasures.

i thought that on this very grey day, i'd share with you one of my favorite new table tops, this "flamboyant" piece designed by alessandro dubini and offered up by skitsch is the bomb, the color bomb that is...

supported by a simple white metal base, this "flamboyant" table top, with its sliding colored glass pieces is your very own kaleidoscope coffee table, move it, play with it, display different pieces on it, all the while, changing the mood, the color palette going on, it's just SO fun, no?

if you too are in line for this hurricane, hunker down and enjoy it. eat all day, sip some wine later, get that book out and tomorrow, run to the ocean if you can and check out the after treasures. enjoy!

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