Thursday, June 9, 2011

today, tropical.

happy almost friday friends! today, (and especially after my second pool color palette post,) i'm digging so many reasons to think tropical, to add pops of tropical colors, textures, island elements. here is a small round~up of some of my recent favorites...

adding in exotic elements such as gushy chandeliers, divider screens, artwork, can all make for hints of tropical spaces, depending on how little, or big you want to do it when designing. this fab space found via dwellings.
tropical colors hang around in these bird house lamps. yeah, i said lamps. found via another fab new find, an australian company named under. what a great name?!

define space, define height, define tropical by boldly painting angled walls or doors. this colorful/tropical space found via design milk.
these tropical colored, kaleidoscope ottomans offered up by fun makes good, a fab new find out of the uk are the design bomb. and guess what else? you can customize your own kaleidoscope design! i love these!

oooh! i'm super drawn to these colors, this pleated portable storage device. stretching open the pleats reveals hidden storage areas, singularly, the top acts as a seat! amazingly tropical. found via lanzavecchia & wai.
string up some of these for a tropical look! this rainbow confetti garland, found at castle, consisting of hand cut paper, linen and felt discs offer a party/tropical atmosphere to say, an outdoor porch or patio? love...
interesting tropical wall treatments can bring the tropical indoors. really fun for residential or commercial don't you think? this fun space found via design shimmer.
this line by moroso aptly named "paper planes" offers not only tropical color, but an exotic portrayal of texture, line and design.

are you ready to strap on a grass skirt and sip some sort of fruity drink out of a coconut shell? oh i am! i hope your day finds you smiling, productive and if you're stressed, imagining all things tropical. enjoy!

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Tamara, Bella Boho said...

Ahhh! I heart that bedroom!