Friday, June 10, 2011

loving friday.

i'm loving this friday! and i'm loving everything about this space, from the eclectic, almost but not really overdone art wall, to the sprinkling of tea spoons like garland across the wall, to those spray chandeliers to that table on wheels! total eye~candy no?

i found this fun image via a fab new find, "and this bag, was like, dancing with me". isn't that a great name for a blog? tons of eye~candy there, so that's a weekend blog shout~out for you today friends! ;)

what are you doing this summer weekend in june? tell me! tell me! i am lucky enough to watch my son graduate high school (yowzaaa!), surrounded by fore casted sunshine, friends and family. i'm lucky enough to have a job to work on , and an amazing fiance who cooks amazing food for me (i think he's making a big batch of home~made red sauce on sunday! yowzaaaa again). so i'll be taking pictures, eating delish food, sipping gorgeous wine and sleeping in (a little). how about you? enjoy...

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