Friday, June 24, 2011

design food for thought. & happy friday to boot!

phhew! we made it friends, it's friday! yeah for all of us right? and on that happy note, i wanted to share some thoughts (and answers), and some academic perspective on just what makes good design? the fabulous design site mydeco sent over a video for me to ponder and i thought it an appropriate way to end a week full of design inspiration, have a look.

what interested me most about what mr. meier was saying was that there is truly an interrelationship between the exterior of a space as well and as importantly as the interior. and that the process of design is and should be democratic. that there are truly fundamental ways to achieving good building and good design. good meaning well done of course.

what are your weekend plans? do tell, i always love hearing what everyone is doing (or not doing!) with their weekend time. hmmm, for me, my weekend includes these ingredients: finishing my book (listed on the side bar of my blog, "the warmth of other suns"), a little bit of work, some writing (for pleasure), some sipping of wine (always so delish!), reading the new york times and getting in a walk on the beach with coffee in hand. love. enjoy! ;)


Sing said...

Having dinner with friends tonight, hanging with my big sister tomorrow and starting my Dressing Room project for my friend Sunday.


Mary-Candles Lovers said...

an afternoon on the beach tomorrow xoxo, relax at home on Sunday and get ready for a busy Monday